Project 1: Andy Campbell’s “The Flat”

This is a new blog, so there are some learning curves and time to reorient myself with WordPress. Regardless, Campbell did some interesting things in blending the genre between “literature”the-flats-ending and “game” with this work in 2006. My (on-going) project attempts opening a discourse on digital literature. Here specifically I’ll be applying (literary) semiotics and trying to examine how exactly “The Flat” works. How do we know where to move? How do we comprehend the ephemeral words and phrases? How exactly do we read this? Does semiotics help us?

I’ll be providing screenshots, analysis, links to other blogs that have discussed either “The Flat” or other Dreaming Methods’ works (if relevant), as well as any other goodies I would like to add.

One thought on “Project 1: Andy Campbell’s “The Flat”

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